Life in the Balance

2013-01-16 10.29.03 (800x533)_DSC0450 (800x531)2013-01-16 14.31.57 (800x533)Picture 219 (800x533) - Copy

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”
―    Albert Einstein

2013-01-16 14.58.35 (800x533)Our van driver and park guide Max took us on a hike through part of Villarrica National Park, and we spent a couple of hours swimming in a glacier fed lake.  Our discussions this week have been about the ecology, politics, and scarcity.  We had the opportunity to see a film the other night at Ecole through the generosity of a guest who is bringing a film festival to Pucon.  In the film, a kayaker follows the Colorado River from its source to its mouth, discovering all the water that is drained for human needs in neighboring states as far away as California.  His kayaking ends long before the mouth of the river, because in 1998, after 6 million years of continuous flow, the Colorado River no longer reached the Sea of Cortez.  We observe the nature that surrounds us with a new awareness now–an awareness that unless governments across the globe make the connections between human needs and the capacity of nature to recycle our wastes, our earth is in imminent danger of the greatest mass extinction of life in its history.


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