A Day in a Cani Sanctuary Forest

2013-01-08 16.01.32 (800x533)2013-01-08 16.14.34 (800x533)2013-01-08 14.52.01 (800x533)

This is the land where stars live

in this sky.  You can hear water

singing its dreams.

From beyond the clouds that surge

out of these waters and this soil

our ancestors are dreaming us.

Their spirit, it is said, is the full moon,

And the silence, their beating heart.

Elicura Chihuaiaf, Mapuche poet

Today we spent a beautiful  Chilean summer day hiking  in the Cani Sanctuary Forest with Rod Walker, the father of Chilean ecotourism and a wise and spiritual man. The forest is the home of the Araucaria tree as well as many incredible species of plants and animals.  The Araucaria are one of only a few species of plants that have survived on Earth for over 200 million years, predating the period of the dinosaurs. It holds onto its survival by a thread in only a tiny geographic area, surviving only through the efforts of private non-governmental organizations.  We talked about technology, philosophy, religion, science, and especially the ecological plight of mankind.  Rod has hope for human’s continual existence as a species and feels that we are only at the very beginning of our awareness of the universe.  Greater and greater cosmic understanding awaits us in our evolution if we can avoid destroying our environment.  His fear is that our awareness of our potential for understanding may only come when we reach the precipice our excesses.


One thought on “A Day in a Cani Sanctuary Forest

  1. Just beautiful!!… And Rod looks like a very wise and super cool guy. Wish I were there with you all. I’m sure you’re all having a great time :))!

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