Sustainability Work

2013-01-07 15.19.14 (800x533)2013-01-07 15.17.49 (533x800)2013-01-07 15.15.04 (800x533)2013-01-07 12.27.46 (533x800) (2)2013-01-07 15.23.32 (800x533)“Don’t sit this one out.  Do something. You are by accident of fate alive at an absolutely critical moment in the history of our planet.”  Carl Sagen

Clare and Alexi introduced us to the concept of a perma culture, designing food production to imitate how nature functions—using less energy in production than is contained in the products produced and eliminating use of substances that are not renewable.  At the heart of perma culture is sustainability. Forest gardening is an example of a new way of producing products.  It is a vertical rather than a horizonal productions method. Instead of clearing all trees to create production, the trees become one of the vertical layers of growth, creating shade for other crops at lower levels including root and surface crops.  Wood or fruit from the trees becomes part of the harvest.  An ecology of multiple plants and wildlife can be sustained in this diverse ecosystem.

Today we also worked in a terraced garden of multiple crops, continued installing a solar hot water unit, mixed and used paints made from natural product, finished and painted adobe walls, and lanscaped for natural drainage—practical endeavors of sustainability.


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