A Visit to the Mapuche Community

2013-01-03 13.48.32 (800x533)2013-01-06 10.27.12 (800x533)

“The Sun shines not on us but in us.  The Rivers flow not past, but through us.” John Muir, Author and Conservationist

Today we were privileged to have Hector Cuiqueo Melivilu introduce us to the philosphy, life and traditions of the Mapuche people. Hector walked us through forests and taught us about medicinal plants. We heard Mapuche intruments and music, visited a Mapuche hospital with him, and he shared  Mapuche food in a ruka house.  Most of all, Hector opened us up to a different way of thinking about ourselves in relation to the natural world and the forces flowing into us and out of us– a philosphy that sees no separation between nature and human beings.  In conversation with him, we explored how this perspective can be useful in uniting communities to work in consort with natural forces for healing purposes and a more enlightened way of dealing with destructive forces.


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