2013-01-05 11.36.09 (800x533)2013-01-05 16.40.51 (533x800)2013-01-05 12.37.51 (800x533)

“Today’s problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

We spent today with Claire, Alexi, Jerry, and Nacho, amazing people who have dedicated their lives to thinking and acting in ways that move us to see ourselves of part of the web of life on earth instead of separate and dominate.  We participated in work involving the building of a sustainable life— installing a solar hot water system, building with adobe we mixed from local materials,  gardening organically, landscaping harmony with earth’s natural forces.  In the evening wrap up session, all agreed with Laurence when he said that while striving to achieve a sustainable life was hard, the process created a deep satisfaction within that he had never felt before.


A Day of Experiential Learning at KodKod

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